The Optimiser Injector

The Optimiser Injector

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- Suitable for all vaccines and harsh injectables, such as Vitamin B12, ADE and long acting Mectins


- Different Selector Doses available. 


- A stainless steel needle nib provides extra strength to a common stress point in other injectors/vaccinators


- Draw off suits both 4.6mm & 6.4mm delivery hoses to suit a wide range of products on the market


- The slim barrel gives a better feel at low dose rates


- Modern inlet/outlet valve design for easier expelling of product


- Needle release grip increases safety for attachment and removal of Luer Needles – Less needle stick injuries, promotes changing of needles more regularly, no breaking of needle nibs


- Designed for Pigs, Cattle, Sheep and Poultry


- Features a Dose Selector at the top of the applicator which allows quick and easy changes to the dosage by rotating the numbered dosage rate at the top of the applicator


- Easily dismantled for cleaning and re-lubrication


- Spare O-ring provided