500g Robust Cacti & Succulent
500g Robust Cacti & Succulent

500g Robust Cacti & Succulent

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- Easy to apply formulation which maximises healthy growth and vibrant flowering for cacti & succulents


- Can be used in pots, containers and in the garden

- Premium quality controlled release fertiliser


- Scientifically balanced formula of Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium boosts healthy growth and flowering to produce stunning plants


- Added instant plant food for fast results


- Contains trace elements and minerals


- Contains Chelated Iron (Fe), maximising healthy green plants


- Dual action formula - Instant and controlled release feeding, boosting plants for up to 6 months


- No Chlorides


- Provides essential nutrition for strong, robust plant growth


- Suitable for all cacti & succulents

A handy measuring spoon is included for accurate applications and no more guess work. One application feeds for up to 6 months.