Rhaphiodophora Monstera Mini
Rhaphiodophora Monstera Mini

Rhaphiodophora Monstera Mini

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- Indoor plants are beneficial to the home and office


- Research has indicated that growing plants indoors can effectively assist in filtering and improving air quality


- Indoor plants can help to liven and cheer up environments in your home and workplace


- Monstera Deliciosa is striking looking plant. It can grow quite large, and last many years.


- Its slightly rambly form – it will grow wide as well as tall, can be used to create a real focal point in a room


- The best position for an indoor Monstera is in a bright, well lit room with filtered light


- Direct sun in winter is OK, but in summer the large glossy leaves will burn if in direct sun


- Water sparingly


- No two plants are the same, the plant mailed to you will be just as fabulous - just not identical