Profelac Shepherd 6kg

Profelac Shepherd 6kg

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Profelac Shepherd Premium Milk Replacer 6kg pail for lambs, kids, cria, pups, fawn, piglets, foals, ponies & calves.

ProfeLAC® SHEPHERD is blended from quality, full cream dairy ingredients to offer a highly digestible, homogenised, fully instantised (easy to mix) high-fat, low-lactose milk feed. It forms a curd (clot) in the abomasum to aid casein digestion.

  • A proven quility product
  • For use on a great range of animals
  • Easy mixing formula
  • Suitable for rearing all farm animals
  • Australia’s leading Lamb-Kid-Cria (Alpaca) milk replacer
  • Pack sizes to suit commercial and hobby farmers
Easy-mix technology and milk-soluble innovation ensures consistent premium quality and value for money.