Maiden Hair Fern

Maiden Hair Fern

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- Maidenhair ferns are soft and lacy plants which have a variety of uses both indoors and outside


- With more than 200 species of maidenhair and many more cultivars, choosing a favourite may be difficult, but they are attractive and rewarding plants to grow


- They can be grown indoors in pots or hanging baskets in a brightly lit position out of draughts. They are also a feature of some terrariums. Different maidenhair foliage is also used as a filler foliage in flower arrangements.


- They like to be kept moist


- put them in a brightly lit position when indoors but they prefer a very shaded spot if planted outdoors


- Give them regular applications of diluted liquid fertilisers (such as fish emulsion or Nitrosol)


Please understand that all plants are not exactly the same; the plant you receive should be just as beautiful but none will be exactly the same