Jumbo Marking Ring- 125 Pack

Jumbo Marking Ring- 125 Pack

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Jumbo Marking Applicator Rings

To suit the Jumbo Marking Ring Expander & Applicator from Leader Products.

The Jumbo Marking Ring Applicator & Expander is ideal for castrating calves & bulls over 6 months (120kg – 300kg).

The ring opens to 10cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm.

The application of the ring is quick and efficient, by expanding the ring with an applicator and placing over scrotum.

A silicon spray or lubricant should be used on arm to allow the tool to open/close freely.

Always wear protective glasses when using Jumbo Rings

The rings are covered in an antiseptic powder with no clenching required once expanded.

Use only Jumbo Marking Rings on the Jumbo Marking Ring Applicator & Expander.