Elk Horn Fern
Elk Horn Fern

Elk Horn Fern

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- The Elkhorn Fern is a truly spectacular looking fern that despite it’s exotic appearance is very easy to grow


- Use the Elkhorn to add a tropical and rain-forest feel to shady gardens, water features and patios


- Take a handful of sphagnum and peat moss mix and place it firmly on the mounting board or tree trunk

- Lay it the length of where the new plant is going to sit

- Put the plant on top of the moss mix

- To secure the plant to the board or trunk use a garden tie or stockings. Use something that has a little give

- Wrap the tie around the board or tree trunk, underneath the Elkhorn’s fronds. (The fronds will soon grow and cover the tie.)

- Mist with water


Please understand that all plants are not exactly the same; the plant you receive should be just as beautiful but none will be exactly the same