Crassula Ovata Succulent

Crassula Ovata Succulent

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- Jade Plant is one of the most popular and versatile succulents in cultivation


- This is one of many plants they call Money Plant or Jade Plant, along with Portulacaria afra, Chinese Money Plant and Lysimachia


- They are tolerant of a variety of soil types but will require reasonable drainage. They are vulnerable to rot, especially if kept soggy for too long


- Jade Plants are also quite adaptable to light levels. If grown in the ground, they will easily tolerate full sun all day


- Plants grown in pots may burn or scorch come summer as it can be difficult to water then enough


- Potted plants are best in part shade (appropriately 4-6hrs of direct sun per day)


- Jade Plants can tolerate growing in heavy shade but usually become weak and leggy. For best growth and colour, make sure they get a least a couple of hours of direct sun

Please understand that all plants are not exactly the same; the plant you receive should be just as beautiful but none will be exactly the same