Breastplate Hook and Loop

Breastplate Hook and Loop

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Harness Webbing Hunting Dog Breastplate With Shoulder Extensions

HOOK & LOOP (Velcro) Original Fastening  

This harness has thick webbing, is flexible and water resistantIncorporated in between the harness webbing are 2 layers of high cut, puncture-resistant Para Aramid with a water-resistant coating.

4 Standard Sized Chest Plates:

All Are Pre-Made With Shoulder Extensions


1. Small Standard Breastplate: Should fit a dog ranging from 20 to 27 kg

Average measurements for a "Small" chest plate:

  • Neck Length: 9-10cm
  • Around Neck: 40-45cm
  • Grith: 68-75cm
  • Around chest: 40-45cm


2. “SG” Sized Standard Breastplate: should fit a dog ranging 25 to 35 kg

An SG is a plate we make between a small and a medium. We took particular measurements from both to create this breastplate that fits perfect for those hunting pig dogs that are a bit too big for small, yet not large enough for the medium-sized chest plates.

Average measurements for an "SG" sized chest plate:

  • Neck Length: 10 - 13cm
  • Around Neck: 45-49cm
  • Girth: 75-80CM
  • Around chest: 45-49cm


3. Medium Standard Breast Plate: should fit a dog ranging from 30 to 40 kg

Average measurements for a "Medium" chest plate:

  • Neck Length: 11 - 13cm
  • Around Neck: 49-53cm
  • Girth: 80-85cm
  • Around chest: 49-53cm


4. Large Standard Breast Plate: should fit a dog ranging 40kg +

Average measurements for a "Large" chestplate:

  • Neck Length: 13-15cm
  • Around Neck: 55-57cm +
  • Girth: 85-90cm
  • Around chest: 55-57cm



  • The Length Of The Neck: Measure from the back of your dog’s head (from the skull cap’s base) and measure down to where your dog’s neck begins to spread/open up to his shoulders.

Yard collars can be used as a guide to find this point: Slide/push the collar down the neck until they can’t slide down anymore. Measure from the back of the skull cap to the far side (shoulder side) of the collar to get the neck length and around to get the circumference, giving you the 2 measurements required.

Make note: Neck length - We will reduce so the finished size of the width of the collar section allows your dog to turn their head properly.

  • Neck Measurement: Measure the circumference of the neck (around neck) just before the shoulders as this section of the neck is the largest circumference which we require.
  • Girth Measurement: Measure the barrel of the body behind their front legs and take your measurement around its body (deepest point)
  • Chest Measurement: Measure from behind the shoulder of the front leg starting at the point of the legpit (armpit), then go across the shoulder and around/across the front of your dog’s chest then back across the opposite shoulder behind its opposite front leg to the legpit (armpit). Your dog must be standing up to get the correct measurement here.

Make note: The Chest measurement is an important measurement because it stops the belly strap from rubbing into the back of your dog’s legs. This rubbing of the inner front legs needs to be avoided. That’s why it’s necessary to take this measurement when your mate is standing up. Keep the tape parallel to the ground.