AgTag Tail Spray Marker

AgTag Tail Spray Marker

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- Perfect for use on Dairy Cattle; general use as well as Udder and Flank marking 


- Lasts up to 30 days in harsh conditions 


- 6 various colours available 


- See below for the best use of the AgTag Tail Spray Marker 500g 


Shake can vigorously before use.
For best results, ensure that animals are clean and dry (remove any loose hair or dirt).
For heat detection, apply the aerosol tail paint to the herd 4 weeks before the start of mating.

2. Spray a paint strip approx. 20cm long and 6cm wide along the backbone forward from the top of the cow’s tail.

3. Apply 3 or 4 passes at a distance of approx. 20cm, spraying against the hair.

4. Inspect daily and record cows with rubbed or broken paint, as they will have cycled.

5. After 3 weeks, have the vet check all cows who have not cycled.

6. Re-apply aerosol tail paint to the herd at the start of mating with a second colour.

7. Check the tail paint every 24 hours. Cows with rubbed or broken paint have been on heat within the past 24 hours and are ready for insemination.

8. Re-apply the tail paint 12 hours post insemination with a third colour. If the third application of tail paint is rubbed or broken, the cow has returned to heat and failed to conceive.

9. Invert the can and spray until clear to keep the nozzle clear and ready for next use.