AC Backrub Plain 3 Metre

AC Backrub Plain 3 Metre

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- Flies are a serious problem for Australian livestock industries including beef cattle, dairy cattle and horses


- There are several types of flies that cause problems but the most troublesome type is known as buffalo fly (Haematobia irritans exigua)


- As most producers know flies can be very annoying not only to livestock but also to the humans! But did you know that flies can result in a serious loss in production due to reduced growth as feed intake is reduced with fly irritation


- Flies can also cause major health problems for livestock as they begin to scratch and rub – which then only exacerbates the issue


- Hide damage is common because flies cause irritation which leads to self-inflicted wounds. A heavy infestation of buffalo flies may result in hairless, irritated areas around the eyes of cattle and an increase in the incidence of blight.