5 in 1 Fertiliser 30L

5 in 1 Fertiliser 30L

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- Boosts healthy growth, leaf and root system growth


- Contains long lasting organic fertiliser and may feed plants for up to 6 months


- Boosts bigger and better fruit and flowers


- Excellent fertiliser for growing vegetable and fruit crops, because they are hungry feeders


- Retains soil moisture, keeping the root system cool, which also saves water and watering time


- Reduces temperature fluctuations around the root system, maintaining a healthier environment for plant growth


- Adds a long life humus build up to the soil


- Adds and fosters microbial and earthworm activity


- Contains Zeolite for greater fertiliser efficiency - to keep the fertiliser lasting longer


- Suitable for revitalising the lawns


- Adds important beneficial microbes


- Best used to dig into existing soil when planting trees, shrubs and vegies.