1 teat 4L Calfateria with milk maid teat

1 teat 4L Calfateria with milk maid teat

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Length 190 mm
Width 290 mm
Total Height 290 mm

1 teat - 4 litre Calfateria with milk maid teat

  • Teat made from soft polyurethane
  • Valve is removable to allow thorough cleaning of internal teat cavity
  • Valve creates a high flow with minimal effort for training of calves
  • When calves are trained the valve may be removed to encourage natural sucking
  • New retained valve design – prevents valve from falling out during cleaning

These durable UV stabilised feeders are a must for efficient and simple rearing of calves and lambs. Internal divisions and generous teat spacing ensures every calf gets their share. Comes standard with versatile screw on teats and caps for easy cleaning.