Organic Booster 25kg

Organic Booster 25kg

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- Organic Booster is different to most other chicken manure products on the market because it is aerobically composted


- Aerobic composting involves actively turning it over, to oxygenate it, before processing it into easy to use pellets


- Aerobic composting kills pathogens and supports healthy levels of beneficial micro-organisms in your soil


Organic Booster is quality checked so you can be assured it is:

  • pathogen-free
  • low in moisture
  • low dust
  • easy to apply


Organic Booster is a pH neutral organic fertiliser offering the benefits of:

  • slow release of nutrients that feed plants over many months
  • increased earthworm activity
  • increased water retention and aeration
  • increased micro-organisms and beneficial bacteria
  • no burnt or damaged plants