Nucidol 200 EC 500ml

Nucidol 200 EC 500ml

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- Nucidol 200 EC is very effective for the control of ECTOPARASITES (lice, buffalo fly, mange, lice, ticks and fleas) on cattle, pigs, goats, dogs, and in animal sheds


- Neocidol is well-tolerated by cattle and sheep when applied as recommended in a dosage range from 0.03% up to 0.1% of active ingredient.


- Practical experience has shown that Neocidol is also well-tolerated by horses and dogs.


- RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE Timing and frequency depend on parasite, climatic conditions and degree of infestation. For mange mites, 2 or 3 treatments during the life-cycle of the pest and treatment of the animal houses may be necessary for thorough control.


- It is essential to maintain dip concentration by replenishing when dip volume has dropped by 10%. Animals must be completely immersed at least once. Do not dip sheep with less than 2 weeks wool growth.


- Use sheep dip wash only on day of preparation, then empty completely and clean dip thoroughly to avoid build-up of bacteria causing post dipping lameness. WITHDRAWAL PERIOD - Cattle – 3days - Pigs – 14 days - Goats – 14 days - Horses – 3days