Autumn Blooms - What’s in this season 🌻

Now that Summer is finally over, we can get back into fun gardening...aka buying new plants and trying them out. Summer is a real fun sucker when it comes to gardening, just trying to keep your lawn and plants alive is a struggle. So now that the horrid heat has finally settled down, here’s a few beautiful blooms that will look great in your garden this season!


Known usually as the Mother’s Day flower, these gorgeous guys put a smile on your face no matter the occasion. They are a little needy when it comes to water, so make sure you have the time, patience or set up to ensure you’re watering regularly. To keep them blooming consistently, remove any “spent” blooms to make room for fresh buds to come through.

Full sun - Well-draining soil - Protected from wind



Dwarf Marigold

These babies can be used for a multitude of planting, but do especially well in hanging baskets or veggie gardens. These flowers are more than just good-looking, they are great for the health of fruit and veg and male great companion plants. They are quite hardy and don’t need a heap of water, so make sure you’re not over doing it. 
Full sun - Well-draining soil



These guys are one tough cookie. They’re like the Mr T of flowers. They can handle smog, smoke, dust, wind, frost and probably a nuclear attack. They are one of the most low maintenance flowers you can get before they’re considered a weed. They don’t even need fertiliser. Yep, they are the ideal flower for all of those “I wish I could keep flowers alive” gardeners out there. Do NOT over-water them, they hate it. Make sure the soil has dried out properly before even considering watering them again.
Full sun - Well-draining / Rocky Soil



My personal favourite. There’s something about sunflowers that just make you immediately happy. All you need to grow these beauties is a lot of sun and a bit of water. While they’re young, water them well and often, after they’re established they only need a little here and there. Once they start to grow you will need to stake them to help hold them up, those heads are heavy! 
Full sun - Moist, Well-draining soil - Protected from wind


This list is awesome for the dry inland areas of Aus, considering that’s where we are. But we know that many of our readers are from here there and everywhere - so pop onto Searles Gardening website to check what is growing now in your area. 

Fun Fact

A lot of flowers don’t like being watered on their heads. When watering flowers, water at the base and try to prevent splash back by using sugar cane mulch, bark or rocks at the base of the plant.


Well, that’s it for this week - hopefully you have found a little bit of inspiration to get your flower buying started this Autumn 🌻 Next week will be all about fertilisers, soil improvers, mulches and what the heck the difference is (because really, who even knows). 


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